Jonathan is a San Francisco trained chef and mentored by President Clinton’s personal chef at the White House. Now living in the UK, Jonathan is on a mission to find and optimize the best American recipes to what American food is really all about - Wow Factor!

Regularly featured on BBC Radio, diligently working on earning a Michelin Star and finishing his first cookbook, “Americana: Food of the Gods”, Chef Jonathan is starting to make his mark on the culinary world!

“You are a rock star”…”you are a scientist”…”oh my god, I want to take you home!”

BBC Radio

The Restaurant

The Bank House Restaurant by Chef Jonathan is authentic Californian with an artistic, rustic and causal menu delivering on affordable gourmet dishes that are understood. As a solo chef, Jonathan affords to use the finest ingredients and highly advanced cooking techniques to push culinary boundaries. As a result, we are a small niche destination restaurant catering to those that know food.

Chef Jonathan is a San Franciscan chef, a food academic from the University of California and personally mentored by one of the best American chefs! Master Chef Luce, who actually was awarded the best destination restaurant in the world by National Geographic, a James Beard recipient and President Clinton’s chef at the White House.  As a result, the Bank House Restaurant has an exceptional culinary team that knows how to craft quirky American dishes on this side of the pond.

The menu is designed for a Californian active lifestyle, which wants food that excites the senses and nourishes the body The menu features big American regional specialties:

  • Watermelon BBQ Baby Back Ribs

  • NY Reuben Sandwich

  • American Burgers

  • Sizzling Fajitas

  • Mission Burrito.

In addition specializes in California Cuisine that is artistic. lighter and Mexican and Italian fusion style of cooking that powers you for your next activity.

  • Chicken Tortilla Soup

  • Veggie Burger with Goat’s Cheese and Guacamole

  • Avocado Fries with Buttermilk Dressing

Chef Jonathan is focused on the quality of ingredients and using advanced technical skills to release the ingredient’s delights.  As a result, Chef Jonathan personally cooks everything from scratch and to order using his own hands.  For example, the pastrami is cured and smoked on premise, Jonathan roasts his own coffee bean and even down to crafting his own salad dressings and ice cream.  Further, Jonathan does not deep fat fry, freeze or microwave food. You can trust that Chef Jonathan will always use the finest possible ingredients and prepare them with love.

Know your Food - Know Your Chef

Authentic Californian Cuisine

Chef Jonathan’s home, training grounds and inspiration

Chef Jonathan’s home, training grounds and inspiration

As a typical San Franciscan restaurant, it is relaxing and community focused to give people a chance to rest, socialize and get nourished.  

The Bank House Restaurant is well suited for

  • Romantic dinners

  • Catching up with friends

  • Meeting with colleagues over lunch

  • Working from “home”

  • Coffee and cake.   

  • Private Parties

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Proudly unlicensed

Feel free to bring your own!


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Bank House Restaurant by Chef Jonathan

Bank House, Salter Street
Stafford Town Centre
ST16 2JU

Seasonal Hours

M-T Closed
W 11a–3p

Th 11a - 3p, 5:30p -8p

F 11a - 3p, 5:30p -8p

S 10a - 3p, 5:30p -8p
Su 10a–3p

We welcome well behaved dogs!

We welcome well behaved dogs!